Every year in autumn, the World Championship of the League of Legends top teams is arranged. This event is organized by Riot Games which has got all the rights to carry out these tournaments. 

At the preliminary stage, all the League of Legends pro teams struggles for the chance to get to twenty-four teams which will participate in the Championship. Twelve teams start with a preliminary stage, out of them, four teams proceed to the group stage. The other twelve teams start the tournament with the group stage.

What is the secret of these twenty-four teams? So many players all over the world cannot sleep as they are dreaming about participation in the championship of such high level.

How Do Professional Teams Get Ready for Tournaments?

  1. Talent and being a tech-savvy person are the first and basic aspects which make it possible for professional players to reach the tops of ratings. As in every other field, to discover a talent, a person should try doing something and listen to one’s heart. Many successful professionals have this weird feeling that they are doing everything in a proper way despite the opinion of relatives and people around.
  2. Hard work and regular training are no less important than talent. Besides, sometimes, they are even more significant than the gift a person has got from nature. It may seem that there is nothing difficult in every-day gaming, however, it requires being well-arranged and highly-motivated. 
  3. Regular training and systematic approach. Before the tournament, each player spends 6 to 8 hours daily on training. Teams get together and master the strategy of their game, as well as work out diverse scenarios of rivals’ behavior and possible plans so that to be ready for every possible game progression.
  4. Mastering of functions and strategy of every player within a team. Split pushers, bruisers, mid laners or supports – each player has got own role, as well as own style of play. Thus, it is essential to train how to act on the battlefield not only by oneself but also in cooperation with teammates.
  5. Living life in full for gamers is one of the obligatory aspects. Why? Because they shall have a fresh mind and broad outlook so that to analyze the strategy and behavior of competitors. Weekends can be spent with friends and family. It is well-acknowledged that the best rest is changing the type of activity. To be ready for the World Championship, each player should bear in mind that good rest and pleasant pastime help to improve the work of the brain, thus, help to better concentrate on a game progression and to analyze the developments.

In the USA, players who reach a professional level in the League of Legends are recognized as professional sportsmen. Probably, one of the reasons for this lies in the approach to the process of preparation for tournaments which is the same for athletes, swimmers or football players. Only those who have never tried playing the League of Legends may try to raise an objection to call it cybersports that LoL undoubtedly is.