For many people, the League of Legends not only is an action-packed game but a real lifestyle. It occupies a solid position in the cybersport realm and teams all over the globe try their best to win the championship and defeat their enemies. However, it isn’t as easy as it seems. Gaming sport requires lots of self-control, determination as well as the powerful, skillful team, where players act as one and are capable of taking quick decision. And here appears the problem of how to find necessary people and how to build up a dream team. 

Look for people 

Obviously, you may need to devote some time to find the experienced members of your future team and at first, it can be quite frustrating. Skillful players are extremely valuable, so don’t expect that you’ll get a perfect combination of people immediately. Be patient. To find League of Legends players you can use already created databases or ask people on different gaming forums. Some of them will definitely have a desire to join you. For example, try out “teamfind” resource. With its assistance, you can look through the profiles and invite participants to join your team. Be sure, at least a few of them will accept your invitation.

Pick only the best players

So, now you gathered players and it’s time to understand whether they’re good at playing. Choosing the right people for your team is extremely significant and while playing sessions it’s quite easy to understand the decency of their playing skills. Indeed, that’s a tedious process, but to build up an efficient team you need to pick individuals who can think. Also, try to avoid gamers, belonging to the following categories:

  • Non-commitment gamers. If the person is actually indifferent to the game, then he unlikely will spend much time on the development of his skills and strategies. That will negatively affect team success.
  • Fun lovers. That’s true: the game should bring pleasure, but excessiveness of unnecessary talks and stupid actions can be quite disturbing. When your partner continuously makes ridiculous mistakes and put at stake the whole team just for fun, that isn’t productive at all.
  • Sourpusses. No one enjoys listening to everlasting complaints. League of Legends is like a sport, and your team members have to overcome obstacles instead of whining. 

Practice continuously 

Regular training is a must for every reputable gaming team. You’ve to work on your own strategies and tactics while understanding your strong and weak features. You can do that by analyzing live stream records of your last sessions. This will help you to find out mistakes made and it’ll allow you to fix them. Spend some time on research and get acquainted with tactics of professional gamers. Some of them you can use with your team and also, don’t forget to communicate with each other. Only that way you can increase the quality of your playingstyle and gain more victories.