Unlikely there’re geeks who haven’t heard about  League of Legends, the bizarre game which managed to captivate minds all over the world. With its stunning graphics, Lovecraft based horror and real-to-life characters, it gained considerable popularity among the people of different ages. But still, what distinguishes it among the wide diversity of MOBA games?

Simplicity combined with the complexity

The main concept of LOL isn’t extremely complicated. It involves ten players divided into teams fighting against each other and eliminating various obstacle with the aim to destroy the enemy’s Nexus. The game was originated on the base of well-known  Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, Defense of the Ancients, so the purpose of players actually is unchangeable. To comprehend how to play League of Legends won’t take much time, that’s true. 

Besides the game is free and the requirements for a computer are minimal, so after the short tutorial and getting acquainted with the map, you become the full member of the universe. But to master the game and to be a gaming professional years are needed. What makes this game so cool, are constant upgrades and changes, the appearance of new champions with unique powers as well as alteration or modification of old strategies which will never make you bored. It also means that you need to develop your skills continuously.

Professional cybersport

For many people, LOL isn’t only the way to spend their free time, but a real sport requiring regular training and skills. According to Forbes, the number of monthly players outruns 100 million people. Within a few years, Riot Games with its League of  Legends, managed to gain considerable success in the realm of the cybersport, creating an enormous cyber empire with its own, hierarchically organized, world. Nowadays, regular competitions are held in different countries uniting gamers around the globe and culminating with the World Championship. 

Enormous Playing Universe

LOL universe is absolutely explicit and it involves around 139 champions, representing multiple regions of the obscure Runeterra universe. You may come across impressive sword fighters, fragile fairies, furious warriors or magic animals. The universe of the game will allow your imagination to run wild. Besides, every few months appear new champions and new elements of Runeterra world, making the game even more stunning.

Involves Fruitful Competitive Season

LOL competitive season has become an integral part of cybersport events. Traditionally the season begins in January and finishes with World Championship. Nine months in a year, online battles take place all around the world.  Ordinary participants fight with each other in rating games, while professionals try themselves on the special competitive stages. In 13 countries across the globe, regional championships are organized, deciding the best teams to take part in large-scale international tournaments. 

League of Legends is a perfect combination of gripping strategy and the stunning graphics, suitable for avid geeks as well as for beginners.